New Mascot

Still working on that layout. It's not going as smoothly as I had hoped.

Until then, I've been working on a new design for my Rewynd mascot.
Waffles isn't going anywhere! But there will be a new addition.
To keep with the whole fish feel.

I decided to... do a mermaid-esque character.
And before everyone starts "oh! I knew Robyn was going to do a mermaid. Disney blah! Blah blah!"


It looks nothing like ariel. So hush.

I went through a whole stage where I didn't know if I wanted her to be a fish mermaid or a whale/dolphin one. After a chat with Bakia - we decided on a dolphin.

The Common Dolphin. Which has a huge streak of yellow-orange down their side - which will fit with my logo color. Yay!

I have a colored version too. I decided to give her the extra pectoral flippers to differentiate her a bit more. The pattern on her fluke and such will be altered a bit more. I'm in the process of making a model sheet at the moment.

Not to mention I've already drawn a really pretty picture that's ready for inking and coloring. That I'll get to later today once I get home from the Eastern Shore.

It'll give me a little something extra for my portfolio/final review too.

New Layout - New Identity

Some professors and a fellow student told me (well after I had half of my business identity stuff done) that my stuff looked too "techy" and not reminiscent enough of a character designer.

And while I agree with the character designer aspect - I was going to add a character to the whole thing and just hadn't gotten to that point yet.

But they said my colors needed to be changed and my logo needed to be altered.

I'm working on that at the moment - so be prepared for a drastic change in the layout.

Senior Project Done

My Senior Project is complete. I got an A in the class.

Here's all the pieces put into one image for your viewing pleasure :
---------------------->CLICK HERE<----------------------

When I take some photos of the plushie I made for the project, I'll post those as well.

Another Background WIP

This is the ONE background that I've been dreading working on.>sigh< This is a couple hours worth of work. I still gotta draw an ice city in there.

Finished Background

One of the background/environments that I'll be handing in for Senior Project. If I have extra time, I'll add a kangaroo peeking over the fence - until then - this is what I've got.

I really dislike doing backgrounds.

Watermark added for protection. Deal with it.

No Comments?

Since apparently I didn't set my blog to allow comments.... (thanks to the 2 people that told me) ...YOU CAN NOW!!



Long Weekend

So I didn't go to school today (I only had one class and I could afford the absence) so I'll be here all day doing homework. And since there is no school the rest of the week, I don't have to go to work on Saturday and school is canceled on Tuesday... I got a nice long period of time to do some work. (We do go in on Monday though.)

To get myself in the drawing mood today, I decided to quickly draw the Bakia-Sheep that I draw randomly to make fun of my boyfriend. He takes it all in good spirit. >hug<

I did it in flash in about 15 minutes. Now to get to real work.

Caparina Progress

Between working on homework (falling behind on) - I'm still working on this picture of Caparina.

Her outfit is not fully designed yet...

And this was a test color with the scan that I have at the moment. Just practicing. Seeing what to fix before I start inking.

What do you guys think of me redoing my old Morgan le Faye picture?

I'm possibly going to Katsucon in February with some friends and getting a table and I wanted to sell some stuff. I thought I could possibly fix this up and color it and sell this? Among other pieces of course.

She of course, needs a lot of work.


Here it is - 7th week. I'm slowly falling behind in my classes. Need to fix that. Also need to draw more. So, I drew Caparina. An old character of mine that you may have seen before :
She's from an original story, Saligia, that I used for my script writing class. The story will be getting an overhaul, and will be used for Senior Project 2.

Last night I decided that I need to draw, and she begged to be drawn.

Ok, I know of a few problems. The legs are terrible, which is why I cropped them off. At the moment, she's just kinda floating in the air. That will be changed. Her knees will be moved up. The other arm is not going to be hidden, I just need to decide what to do with it. The folds on the sleeve make me angry and will be redone. And I of course need to figure out what the rest of her outfit is going to be. I will also be doing my "epic" hair. And thank god for photoshop because her one eye was adrift just slightly that it was maddening.

Other than that, I'm happy with her progress so far. What do you think?

Senior Project Midterm

I successfully pulled an all nighter (and an all weekend-er as well) and managed to get my Senior Project midterm completed.

When I finish getting the AiW 2D forum up and running in it's entirety, I will post some work from midterm.


Birthday and Inspiration

So today is my birthday - 22. I feel so old.

But I also feel very inspired and want to draw lots of stuff.


I need to finish my Senior Project first, so I hope to finish up a lot of that stuff this weekend and I will post some. Actually, I'll post some quick previews right now!!

Characters (from left to right) are #2 [Alfredo], #3 [Bella], #94 [Leo]
I'm currently working on their turnarounds (thus Bella's arms are missing - haven't finished yet).

I've also got to finish up their action poses and expressions. I have a couple props done (turnaround wise). If I have time, I'm doing a lineup of some other characters I have concepts for. And I've got to finish up the environments as well.

Santa's workshop is the one environment I am NOT looking forward to doing.

And now I go to work.

Happy Birthday FerFer

I drew this for Jen Dutton (aka Ferfer) for her 2oth Birthday, which was yesterday.

Why a bagface?
Way back in February (wow that was so long ago), Jen came into the school store when I was working and she showed me this paperbag that she had made for psychology class. The two big sides had different facial expressions, for I believe biopolar disorders.

But I have pictures of her in the bagface, as well as dancing in said bagface. It was an amazing day.

24 Hour Challenge

Today is the 24 hour challenge. Now that I look at the time, it's already started.

I will be going to the challenge later, but I have to stay home and wait for a package.

Since I don't have much else to post at the moment, I'll post the 3 character designs I did for
Buffalo's 2D Team class.

We're doing Preproduction (and will be animating shortly) the Tortoise and the Hare. The Tortoise is an Amish farmer and the Hare is a CEO from the big city. I did the designs for the side characters

So here are the Momma and Baby Duck :

Originally, we had a horse, but we changed it to a donkey for ease of animation (I will be lead animator) :

I'll post more later.

It's About Time for My Arrival

I've joined the recent AiW bandwagon = blogspot.

I'm currently throwing some color and css on the blog to make it more "me" thus the orange.

Why join blogspot? Because I need to draw more. This will give me a place to post all my sketches and stuff for Senior Project, 2D Team, and whatever else.

I'm going to be a busy bee this quarter, I'm going to try to draw a hell of a lot more. I only have 9 months left in school...