Step by Step

Finished the Step by Step of my newest piece. I would add a background, but this was more of a test of new character and new brushes...

It's quite large, so click for full view!!

New Project; New Concepts

I'm working on a new personal project - I've had the general idea in my head for a while now. Last night my boyfriend and I brain stormed (cause our ideas play well off each other) and I got the whole story down. I may turn this into an illustrated novel or a comic... or something.

So, today, I did a concept for it.

A random fish mermaid, based off of a Maldives Lyretail Anthias.
It started as a rough painting and with some edits, I "inked" it and am going to do some progress shots.

I probably should go back before I get any farther and make it a higer resolution.

New Portfolio Website

I'm in the process of making new little linking buttons off to the right over there....

but for now...


Migaloo Speed Painting

rewynd on Tegaki E

A quick painting I did on Tegaki E while at work today. It's Migaloo, the white Humpback Whale that lives in the oceans near Australia.


Animation #1 from my Advanced Animation Class.