Wow. Hello Visitors!!

I added a new little widget on the right column. If I happen to be connected, you can chat with me - ask me questions, tell me what you think of my work, etc.

I have to say this, because my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw this this morning :

This blog had 2,377 visitors in the past 24 hours. SO CRAZY!!

I've been working on some stuff - but I don't know if I'll get a chance to post anything today.

Just, keep a look out.

And thanks for visiting.

Pet Society Doodle and Plug

Figure I'd share a little halloween pic I did of my friend and I's pets from Playfish's Pet Society game.

And do a serious shoutout to Three Panel Soul, a fantastic web comic that plugged a friend and I. Thanks you guys. You guys ROCK!!

Bakia's New Blog Layout

I've been working on my boyfriends website layout forever, because it's been giving me non-stop problems. So yesterday, I sat down and completely recoded it and it's fixed. So now all I gotta do is add all the content.

While waiting for said content, he also asked me to redo his blog layout to resemble his new website layout so that's what I did today.

Check it out :

Other Mermaid

I just realized I hadn't posted this on my blog yet....

You can click here to see the finished piece :

Face Coloring Studies

I was working on my current story/comic idea before I moved. And seeing as how the characters are.... well, not completely human (not wanting to give away the whole story here), I needed some ideas for facial markings.

So I did some studies of various cultures and peoples. There are some various animals in there and some characters from movies and tv shows and the like. And some original designs.

I wanted to see how markings could affect character personality, even on a default face. So imagine some of these on perhaps a big burly man or on a sweet child. And by doing some research, I learned what markings mean what, so if I wanted to have a bit of background on a character to match their facial markings.

I want to go and do some more....

New Layout Again...

With my website back up and running, my blog is no longer missing images.

So I decided to make it up to my visitors (and my blog) and just fix up the layout a tad bit.

I hope you enjoy.