Birthday and Inspiration

So today is my birthday - 22. I feel so old.

But I also feel very inspired and want to draw lots of stuff.


I need to finish my Senior Project first, so I hope to finish up a lot of that stuff this weekend and I will post some. Actually, I'll post some quick previews right now!!

Characters (from left to right) are #2 [Alfredo], #3 [Bella], #94 [Leo]
I'm currently working on their turnarounds (thus Bella's arms are missing - haven't finished yet).

I've also got to finish up their action poses and expressions. I have a couple props done (turnaround wise). If I have time, I'm doing a lineup of some other characters I have concepts for. And I've got to finish up the environments as well.

Santa's workshop is the one environment I am NOT looking forward to doing.

And now I go to work.

Happy Birthday FerFer

I drew this for Jen Dutton (aka Ferfer) for her 2oth Birthday, which was yesterday.

Why a bagface?
Way back in February (wow that was so long ago), Jen came into the school store when I was working and she showed me this paperbag that she had made for psychology class. The two big sides had different facial expressions, for I believe biopolar disorders.

But I have pictures of her in the bagface, as well as dancing in said bagface. It was an amazing day.

24 Hour Challenge

Today is the 24 hour challenge. Now that I look at the time, it's already started.

I will be going to the challenge later, but I have to stay home and wait for a package.

Since I don't have much else to post at the moment, I'll post the 3 character designs I did for
Buffalo's 2D Team class.

We're doing Preproduction (and will be animating shortly) the Tortoise and the Hare. The Tortoise is an Amish farmer and the Hare is a CEO from the big city. I did the designs for the side characters

So here are the Momma and Baby Duck :

Originally, we had a horse, but we changed it to a donkey for ease of animation (I will be lead animator) :

I'll post more later.

It's About Time for My Arrival

I've joined the recent AiW bandwagon = blogspot.

I'm currently throwing some color and css on the blog to make it more "me" thus the orange.

Why join blogspot? Because I need to draw more. This will give me a place to post all my sketches and stuff for Senior Project, 2D Team, and whatever else.

I'm going to be a busy bee this quarter, I'm going to try to draw a hell of a lot more. I only have 9 months left in school...