Goddesses WIP

Newest Work In Progress Shot of my 4 Celestial Goddesses :

Galaxy has been changed to a purple instead of a green. Sun has a bit of a sunflare-esque design on her dress and Star's been changed to a purple and yellow mixture. Her dress has also changed in the drawing, but I haven't scanned that yet.

I think I'm happy with where the colors are.

So now to finish the turnarounds!

Goddesses WIP

Been busy with Senior Project 2. My final review is in a few weeks.

I have some old characters that I pixeled years ago that I decided to do nice turnarounds of.
Here's the color test of their side views :

From left to right they are Sun, Moon and Star.

I've created a new one as well, Galaxy that I think I'm going to try to get completed soon.
I changed Sun's colors to be a big more burgundy and coral. Moon to a bluish overall. And Star to purple. Galaxy will be greenish.

More to come soon.