New Mascot

Still working on that layout. It's not going as smoothly as I had hoped.

Until then, I've been working on a new design for my Rewynd mascot.
Waffles isn't going anywhere! But there will be a new addition.
To keep with the whole fish feel.

I decided to... do a mermaid-esque character.
And before everyone starts "oh! I knew Robyn was going to do a mermaid. Disney blah! Blah blah!"


It looks nothing like ariel. So hush.

I went through a whole stage where I didn't know if I wanted her to be a fish mermaid or a whale/dolphin one. After a chat with Bakia - we decided on a dolphin.

The Common Dolphin. Which has a huge streak of yellow-orange down their side - which will fit with my logo color. Yay!

I have a colored version too. I decided to give her the extra pectoral flippers to differentiate her a bit more. The pattern on her fluke and such will be altered a bit more. I'm in the process of making a model sheet at the moment.

Not to mention I've already drawn a really pretty picture that's ready for inking and coloring. That I'll get to later today once I get home from the Eastern Shore.

It'll give me a little something extra for my portfolio/final review too.


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