Here it is - 7th week. I'm slowly falling behind in my classes. Need to fix that. Also need to draw more. So, I drew Caparina. An old character of mine that you may have seen before :
She's from an original story, Saligia, that I used for my script writing class. The story will be getting an overhaul, and will be used for Senior Project 2.

Last night I decided that I need to draw, and she begged to be drawn.

Ok, I know of a few problems. The legs are terrible, which is why I cropped them off. At the moment, she's just kinda floating in the air. That will be changed. Her knees will be moved up. The other arm is not going to be hidden, I just need to decide what to do with it. The folds on the sleeve make me angry and will be redone. And I of course need to figure out what the rest of her outfit is going to be. I will also be doing my "epic" hair. And thank god for photoshop because her one eye was adrift just slightly that it was maddening.

Other than that, I'm happy with her progress so far. What do you think?


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