Birthday and Inspiration

So today is my birthday - 22. I feel so old.

But I also feel very inspired and want to draw lots of stuff.


I need to finish my Senior Project first, so I hope to finish up a lot of that stuff this weekend and I will post some. Actually, I'll post some quick previews right now!!

Characters (from left to right) are #2 [Alfredo], #3 [Bella], #94 [Leo]
I'm currently working on their turnarounds (thus Bella's arms are missing - haven't finished yet).

I've also got to finish up their action poses and expressions. I have a couple props done (turnaround wise). If I have time, I'm doing a lineup of some other characters I have concepts for. And I've got to finish up the environments as well.

Santa's workshop is the one environment I am NOT looking forward to doing.

And now I go to work.


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